Sika Sikalastic PU

If you have an exposed roof that needs waterproofing – whether that’s a flat roof, a metal profile roof, an asbestos or fibred cement sheet roof, or a balcony – allow us to get the job done with Sikalastic PU, from market-leading roofing technology manufacturer Sika.

Sikalastic PU is a range of single-component, cold-applied, moisture-triggered liquid waterproofing membrane, powered by the company’s patented i-Cure technology, which cures to form a seamless, durable and weather-resistant solution.

So, what does that mean for you? Sikalastic PU is:

  • Quick, simple and safe to apply
    As the product is seamless, and moulds to the roof with glass fibre matting reinforcement, it’s easy to apply – speeding up the process. It’s also cold-applied, for safe, flame-free installation.
  • Cost-effective
    Despite being one of the most effective products on the market, it’s also affordable, offering exceptional value for money.
  • Versatile
    The product is ideal for a range of waterproofing applications. Whatever your roofing setup, we’d be delighted to chat about your unique needs and find the best solution for you.
  • Complimentary to other Sika products
    If we’ve already used Sika products on your roof, Sikalastic PU will compliment that, creating a finish that looks fantastic and lasts. No matter the weather.
  • Crafted with patented technology
    Sikalastic PU is powered by exclusive patented i-Cure technology, for a high-performing end result.

Georgian Roofing is not only a registered Sika partner, which means we have access to their team’s expertise and that our own skills have been verified by the market-leader. We also pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, experience and ability to overcome even the toughest roofing challenges. We’d love to help you overcome yours.

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