Many homeowners take their garages for granted – even if they don’t use them for keeping their cars secure and protected from the elements. It’s a safe bet that many domestic garages end up as on-site storage facilities, housing everything from garden tools to fridges, freezers and tumble dryers. Why, then, don’t householders give the same priority to maintaining their garages as they do the general structure of their homes? In particular, why risk damaging the contents by neglecting their garage roofs and allowing water to get in? Why indeed …

Too often, a garage roof is given minimal attention, with repairs being carried out only when leaks become too persistent to ignore. Georgian Roofing specialises in renovating or replacing underperforming flat garage roofs, installing instead robust, weather-resistant single-ply membranes that not only look better than the ageing materials they replace, but increase significantly the usefulness of the garages they protect – without spending a fortune.

With a manufacturer’s guarantee and minimal disruption thanks to its ease of installation, opting for a single-ply membrane replacement flat roof for your garage shouldn’t require much deliberation. Choose from a range of finishes that ensures your new garage roof will blend in with your property and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a market-leading, low-maintenance roofing solution. You won’t regret it!

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