For hundreds of years, lead has proven its suitability as a building material; historically it’s been the roofing material of choice for the most prestigious buildings across the country. Its durability makes it ideal for external use, especially for keeping out rainwater at complex junctions between the various parts of a roof. Property owners should satisfy themselves that their chosen roofing contractor has the expertise needed to repair or replace leadwork safely and securely, ensuring a long-lasting, weather-resistant finish.

Lead is highly malleable, making it possible to readily work the material into complex architectural features. Today, it remains an essential roofing resource, particularly where there is a need to seal joints against rainwater ingress and to channel it safely off a building for drainage; leadwork continues to feature widely in roofing projects, in locations that include many types of flashings, ridge coverings, gutters and cappings.

Georgian Roofing carries out all leadwork in accordance with the recommendations of the Lead Sheet Association in its Complete Guide, and is experienced in assessing the condition of an existing roof and diagnosing the cause of any defects before starting remedial works. As a minimum, we consider the overall condition of the lead, the age of the leadwork and whether there are any underlying design faults before putting forward a refurbishment proposal.

Contact Georgian Roofing today for advice on leadwork in any of the areas below:

  • Access hatch covers
  • Apron flashings
  • Bay windows
  • Chimney flashings
  • Cover flashings
  • Dormer flashings
  • Gable flashings
  • Lining parapet gutters
  • Parapet wall capping
  • Rainwater downpipes
  • Rainwater outlets
  • Roof hips
  • Roof lights
  • Roof piercings
  • Roof ridges
  • Secret gutters
  • Valley gutters
  • Vertical cladding

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