Sika Sarnafil® Single Ply

Georgian Roofing delivers flat-roofing solutions based on technology developed by Sika AG, an international market leader in the field and a company renowned for its commitment to innovation in the construction sector. Sika AG has a hard-earned, worldwide reputation for its high-quality Sarnafil single-ply roofing products, which are ideal for roofs of all shapes and sizes, from large scale commercial projects to rooftops on private houses.

As a registered Sika Sarnafil Contractor, we have access not only to Sika’s state-of-the-art Sarnafil roofing technology, but also to its technical specialists, at every stage from design to completion.

For peace of mind, an independent Sarnafil surveyor inspects every completed flat-roofing installation, ensuring that our work is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, confirmed by the issue of a Sarnafil guarantee of up to 25 years.

Sarnafil membranes are strong, flexible, reinforced materials manufactured from either PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or FPO (flexible polyolefin) thermoplastics, and are derived from the original patented Sarnafil membrane that revolutionised the flat roofing industry in 1958. All permanent joints are hot-air fusion welded, eliminating the need for naked flames or hot bitumen.

As well as a BBA life expectancy in excess of 40 years (PVC) or 25 years (FPO), Sarnafil single-ply membranes offer benefits that include:

  • extended fire resistance
  • high chemical resistance
  • direct application on existing substrates such as old bitumen
  • customized design including colours, profiles, and roof graphics
  • recyclability

Additionally, single-ply systems offer maximum flexibility for property owners who want to optimise the environmental sustainability of their roofs. Sika’s single-ply technology enables features such as PV solar panels and roof planting to be built-in, without compromising the excellent thermal efficiency of its Sarnafil membranes.

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