Bauder ® Bituminous Systems

At Georgian Roofing, we’re proud to offer Bauder Total Roof System (BTRS): a heavy-duty, robust bituminous membrane roofing solution that boasts a certified service life in excess of 35 years.

This versatile roofing system can be used in a variety of applications across both new and refurbishment projects, and in warm, cold, and inverted roof scenarios.

What’s more, it can be bolstered with a root-resistant cap sheet, ideal for growing beautiful and environmentally friendly green roofs.

BTRS membranes resist impact and tearing while satisfying building regulation requirements. They offer a loading capacity of up to 2,000kg/m2 and withstand climatic extremes of over 100°C in variation.

We are proud to offer torch-free detailing during the installation of BTRS. This means roofing can be applied using hot air instead of a flame, improving safety – especially in the presence of combustible construction materials on or connected to the roof.

Torch-free detailing reduces the fire risk for our team and your property, minimises installation programme times, and allows for robust waterproofing without compromising system longevity.

As a Bauder Approved Contractor, Georgian Roofing is one of a select few fully trained and certified to install the company’s pioneering solutions, including BTRS.

We also have direct access to Bauder’s technical expertise, ensuring each installation is carried out seamlessly, no matter its complexity.

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