Roof Replacement

As a roof reaches the end of its service life, it becomes impractical or uneconomic to repair; if it’s been leaking for some time or if it’s no longer possible to carry out successful repairs, it’s likely that a full strip and rebuild is the only feasible solution. If the existing thermal insulation is wet, it will provide little or no thermal benefit and should be removed, while if the underlying roof structure is failing, urgent action is indicated.

If a comprehensive roof survey identifies these issues or other serious deterioration, then a complete system renewal to the latest standards and codes of practice is the only option that will restore complete peace of mind in the form of a new high-performance and durable roof. Installing a replacement roof also allows property owners to benefit from modern enhancements that correct design or material deficiencies in the original roof, taking full advantage of advances in technology and working practices.

A full roof rebuild often means upgrading the thermal insulation to meet the current standard. It also gives the property owner an opportunity to enhance the all-round performance and general appearance of the roof, both of which have almost certainly suffered over the years. All things considered, installing a replacement flat roof is a prudent way to revitalise a property while maintaining or increasing the value of a significant asset.

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