Heritage Roofing

The roof structure is likely to be the oldest and least altered part of a historic or period building, underlining the quality of the design, materials and skills used on traditional roofs. Eventually, however, even the most elegant and carefully constructed heritage roof requires significant work to maintain its structural integrity, weatherproofing and appearance; it’s at this point that the building owner must choose very carefully to avoid compromising its historic legacy.

Property owners need to decide between renovating or repairing a heritage roof or constructing a modern replacement when repair is no longer practical or financially viable. Whatever the roof design – pitched or flat – and whatever the original materials – tile, slate, copper, lead or felt – it essential to have not only the expertise to know which option should be preferred but also the skills to renovate or replicate both the form and the aesthetics of the traditional roof.

Georgian Roofing not only has skilled craftsmen capable of slating, tiling and working with lead and copper, it also recommends modern single-ply membranes from Sika Sarnafil which replicate the appearance of many types of heritage roofing when replacement roofs are required. With specialist profiles available to simulate traditional lead and copper finishes, it’s possible to preserve the original appearance of a heritage roof while enjoying the many advantages of modern roofing technology, including extended durability, minimal maintenance, exceptional weatherproofing, a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee and more.

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