Types of green roof

There are three main types of green roof: sedum, wildflower and biodiverse. Each type has its advantages, and we’d be delighted to help you choose the best option for your unique needs.

Sedum roofs are our most popular option, ideal for extensive green roof finishes. Featuring hardy plants that can easily withstand a harsh environment, and with a minimum substrate depth of 50mm, sedum roofs are light and easy to fit. They do, however, require slightly more maintenance than their counterparts.

Wildflower roofs comprise 38 species of grass and flower, specially selected to survive roof conditions, with an increased substrate depth of 100mm. This option adds real beauty to your roof and diversity to the environment. While they still require a visit once or twice a year to cut and remove the season’s growth, wildflower roofs are generally lower maintenance than sedum roofs.

Biodiverse roofs also provide a lower maintenance option and can be even more beneficial to your surroundings. With varying substrate depths – and the possibility of adding elements like log piles, sand piles and boulders – a biodiverse roof mirrors the local environment. This provides micro-habitats for local wildlife and minimises the ecological impact of the building. You’ll love seeing it come to life, changing and adapting throughout the seasons.

We can provide modular systems made up of pre-formed cells that “click” together, too. These are quick and fuss-free to install over a simple protective layer.

Still not sure which type of roof you’d like? Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to make your decision easy.

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