Dormers, Porches & Bays

Look along almost any residential street in the country, and you’ll be faced with a variety of dormer windows, bay windows and porches, either as part of the as-built structure of a property or as an added feature that increases its flexibility. Period properties, in particular, benefit from signature features that include Victorian bay windows and porches and the baroque Dutch gables often found on Edwardian buildings. Whatever the age of your property, installing and maintaining your dormers, porches and bay windows calls for a robust, durable roofing system that extends the life and preserves the value of the building.

Maintaining the look of a roof so that it matches the rest of the building is equally important, whether for new installations or for renovations. Single-ply membrane roofs allow just that, offering a variety of finishes, including a high-quality lead simulation that preserves the traditional look of period roofs. Single ply not only saves you money when compared with the cost of lead, it eliminates the risk of lead theft – a real problem in many parts of the country.

Installing a single-ply system also allows you to benefit from its enhanced technical capabilities, including thermal insulation. With energy efficiency high on the agenda for building projects, complying with Part L1 (Conservation of Fuel and Power) of the Building Regulations is mandatory for any roof element that is replaced or renovated. A single-ply membrane lends itself to installation with improved thermal insulation that increases the U value of the roof in line with current requirements.

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