Flat Roof Restoration Options

For property owners considering flat-roof restoration or repair for public or residential buildings, Georgian Roofing typically recommends Sika Sarnafil adhered systems; these are generally preferred where aesthetic appearance, freedom of design (including matching existing design) and suitability for complex roof shapes are the top priorities.

In addition, adhered systems allow easy refurbishment of existing bitumen roofs and are suitable for all types of renovation and repair projects, particularly where roofing systems need to be upgraded to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L (England & Wales), or SBSA Technical Handbooks (Scotland).

Following a comprehensive roof survey to determine the extent of the work required and the system most suitable for your roof, we specify the design parameters for your flat-roof restoration project. These will include (but are not limited to):

  • any extra loading to the existing roof structure resulting from the works;
  • the required U-Value (thermal insulation) calculations;
  • the required fire resistance;
  • the environmental factors;
  • the wind uplift;
  • the drainage, including falls; and
  • where appropriate, the rooflights.

One or more of the options below usually satisfy the demands of a typical roof-restoration project: