Partial Strip

In cases where a comprehensive survey shows that a roof isn’t suitable for overlaying – if there is localised deterioration, either as a result of obvious water leakage or visible damage to the structure – a partial strip and build-up offers a cost-effective alternative to a full strip and rebuild. In the case of water leakage, it may be necessary to conduct a more detailed investigation to identify areas with high local moisture content, with core samples being taken to verify the findings.

The feasibility of a partial strip also relies on the various elements of the old roof being individually attached so that they can be removed and replaced locally, without compromising the overall integrity of the thermal insulation or the roof structure. Depending on the degree of strip required, consideration must also be given to preserving or reconstructing the drainage falls, as these may be compromised as elements of the old roof are removed.

Once the damaged areas of the old roof have been removed, we prepare and prime the exposed surface, then apply PU adhesive followed by a new layer of thermal insulation – which may be tapered if the drainage features require improvement or reconstruction. Applying a new single-ply membrane completes the job, with minimal disruption and without breaking the bank.

Aside from the practical and financial benefits of a partial strip and build-up for a compromised roof, avoiding a full rebuild also reduces the risk of damage to sound areas of the roof and minimises the time required to complete the work, while extending the life and increasing the durability of the roof.

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