Sika Liquid Plastics® Liquid Applied Membrane

At Georgian Roofing, we’re proud to provide a range of high-quality cold-applied liquid roofing membranes.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective roofing option, especially for renovations and repairs, liquid-applied roofing could be perfect for you and your building. It’s:

  • Quick to apply
    It’s fast and easy to install a liquid-applied roof, meaning your project could take less time than you thought.
  • Durable
    Even in cold climates, it’s unlikely your liquid-applied roof will receive any serious damage. As it’s vapour-permeable, any entrapped moisture can evaporate, eliminating blistering – and its high elasticity, seamlessness, flexibility and excellent UV resistance minimises the risk of other issues too.
  • Versatile
    Liquid-applied roofs are suitable for a wide array of structures and substrates, including old and leaking surfaces. They offer a fantastic way to extend the life of your roof without interruption.
  • Energy-efficient
    When applied in a white colour, liquid-applied roofs have a high solar reflectance index, providing improved energy efficiency for cool and solar roofs.
  • Safe to install
    Installed using zero-flame technology, liquid-applied roofs are safe to apply and can reduce your fire risk.
  • Sustainable
    At the end of its lifecycle, subject to condition, the liquid-applied roof surface can be reactivated to accept a 10-year top-up or new 20-year full system.

There are several different types of liquid-applied membrane, including low-odour options that are perfect for highly sensitive sites such as hospitals, food-manufacturing plants and schools. You can read about these here.

If your needs are less specialised, the two main products we recommend and install are Sika Decothane and Sika Sikalastic PU. As a registered Sika partner, we’ve been approved to provide their market-leading roofing technology – with the help and support of their expert team – and verified to deliver the highest quality finish.

We also offer long-lasting and reassuring guarantees, so you can rest assured that we’ll protect your roof as it protects you.

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