Sika Decothane

Whether you want a new liquid-applied flat or pitched roof, or are looking to waterproof your existing roof, we can help – with Sika Decothane.

Sika is a British-based manufacturer focusing on quality and innovation. Since 1963, they’ve produced an extensive range of high-performance, technologically advanced liquid-applied coatings and waterproofing membranes. We’re delighted to be one of their approved partners and work closely with them to provide roofing solutions that look fantastic, work perfectly and stand the test of time.

Decothane is the company’s key, flagship product, and we’re proud to offer it for its myriad uses and benefits. The product is:

  • Versatile
    Decothane is suitable for use on flat and pitched roof systems, and as a waterproofing roof membrane for built-up systems. Its Ultra range is also low-odour; perfect for use on highly sensitive sites like hospitals, food-manufacturing sites and schools.
  • Seamless
    The seamless nature of the membrane means it’s impenetrable to the elements and looks great too.
  • Safe, quick and easy to install and maintain
    As Decothane is cold-applied, there is no risk of fire during installation. It’s also fast and easy to apply, with a process that causes minimal disruption, and requires very low maintenance. It can be applied all year round, as long as the temperature is above 2°C.
  • Durable from the get-go
    Fast-curing, and with excellent adhesion to most conventional substrates, Decothane develops early rain resistance and continues to prove hard-wearing and protective. With excellent elastic properties, it’s UV-stable and tolerant of thermal movement.
  • Compliant
    Decothane is VOC-compliant to 2004/42/CE, BBA Certified and approved to ETAg 005 (Part 6). What’s more, it has the highest fire ratings once installed: BROOF (t4).

Trust Sika’s market-leading technology, and our skilled and experienced team, to transform your roof today.

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