Lead and Copper Roofing Solutions

When the time comes to replace or refurbish a historic roof, it’s essential that the property owner gives thorough consideration to the choice of an appropriate material – weighing up not only the practical aspects of longevity and cost but also, for more prestigious buildings featuring original lead or copper roofs, the risk of material theft.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important element of a project, one of the most significant challenges facing architects is to improve the energy efficiency of a roof in ways that retain the building’s character and significance. These, and other environmental factors, are leading designers towards alternative, modern systems that reproduce the appearance of traditional metal roofing materials such as lead or copper, but at a fraction of the cost.

As an innovative manufacturer, Sika is leading the way, and offers two options for incorporation in modern single-ply roofing projects: the Sarnafil Batten profile and Sarnafil Décor profile.

Historically, a variety of different systems have been used at joints on lead roofs. Lap joints were traditional, with wood-cored batten rolls used on gentle pitches and standing seams on very steep pitches. The larger Sarnafil Batten profile simulates the appearance of a traditional lead batten roll, while the Sarnafil Décor profile reproduces the appearance of metal standing-seam roofing systems.

The Batten profile is available as standard in Lead Grey finish, while the Décor profile is available as standard in Lead Grey, Copper Patina, Copper Brown and Light Grey finishes. Both profiles are suitable for use on projects of any design, shape or size.

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