Green roof systems

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful way to reduce the ecological impact of your building while increasing its value? A green roof could be the answer.

Green roofs are, as the name suggests, roofs covered in greenery and flowers. There are many different types of green roof, each with their own benefits. At Georgian Roofing, we have the skills and expertise to install and maintain them all – from sedum and wildflower roofs to biodiverse and modular options.

Sedum roof systems are ideal for bigger roofs, or areas where you want a more extensive finish. They’re light, easy to fit, hardwearing and look stunning when their flowers are in bloom.

Like sedum systems, wildflower roofs are visually striking – comprising almost 40 different species of flower – and can hugely benefit the biodiversity of the local area.

If it is the local area you are predominantly looking to support, a biodiverse system might also be worth considering. These roofs seek to mirror the local ecological environment, featuring different materials and varying depths of substrate to form fascinating and important micro-habitats.

Want something smaller or simpler? Modular roofs are made up of pre-formed cells that connect over a protective layer to quickly form a fuss-free green roof, for all the plus points with none of the hassle.

It’s clear that the installation of a green roof benefits not only those who live in the space, but the surroundings and those around you too. So, learn more and find out how we can support you and your environment today.

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