Bauder® Single Ply: Approved Contractors

Georgian Roofing are proud to be approved by Bauder, one of the world-leading flat roof manufacturers. You can find us on their Bauder Approved Contractors List.

Bauder is a leading international manufacturer of building construction materials, specialising in waterproofing membranes. Established in 1857, and operating in 26 countries worldwide, they have the experience and expertise to provide the most advanced single-ply technology for every roofing application.

The company’s single-ply roofing systems are not only durable and resistant to the natural elements, but are also lightweight, quick to install and offer excellent value for money.

What’s more, they hold the important fire classification PROOF(t4) for compliance with building regulations under TS 1187 test method 4 for external fire exposure to roofs.

There are two types of Bauder single-ply system:

Thermofol PVC

The Thermofol PVC system is our most popular Bauder solution. It’s suitable for either new-build or refurbishment projects, and ideal for creating green roofs; it’s even been approved for green roof landscaping by FLL.

The membrane has a high-grade virgin polymer formulation with superior fire retardants, avoiding the inherent risk of using a naked flame to install. Plus, it’s resistant to tears and punctures, as well as European climate conditions.

Thermoplan T FPO

Bauder’s FPO system is also suitable for new-build or refurbishment projects and is free of plasticisers, halogens and heavy metals. Its formulation makes it resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack.

The key benefits of the FPO system are its environmental credentials. As well as being durable and dimensionally stable, with a long life expectancy, it’s recyclable.

Bauder also supply their own green roofs, providing a fantastic option if you’re looking for a roof that’s visually stunning and beneficial to the local environment while naturally reducing sound and water run-off.

If you’re looking for Bauder Approved Contractors in London, please call us on 020 7100 1486 to discuss your requirements.