Slate & Tiling

Since the early part of the 13th century, when the use of roofing thatch was prohibited on new buildings in London, slates, stone and tiles have become an indispensable resource for pitched-roof builders across Britain. Although the construction of modern roofs continues to evolve in line with the need for improved performance and durability, slate and tiles remain the preferred materials of choice for pitched roofs, especially for property owners seeking a long-lasting, environmentally friendly solution.

Given that a natural slate roof has a life expectancy of more than 100 years, with man-made slate generally good for more than 50 years, the whole-life cost of these roofs is generally very attractive. While a slate roof costs more at the point of installation, the significantly lower maintenance costs associated with slate and tile soon balance out – particularly given the shorter life expectancy of typical alternatives. The fire-resistant and waterproof nature of slates and tiles, together with the inherent aesthetic appeal of these materials, also tick many boxes for buildings old and new.

Property owners need to ensure that their chosen roofing contractor is capable not only of constructing a modern pitched roof, but also of repairing or renovating an existing stone or slate roof to conform to modern construction practice. Georgian Roofing complies in all respects with BS 5534, the Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling, except in cases where the Code may not be appropriate – for example, for restoring old roofs, especially for historically or architecturally important buildings.

Georgian Roofing supports property owners through all stages of a slating or tiling project. From initial evaluation and design of your roof to sourcing appropriate materials (including matching existing slates or tiles) and executing the work, your building is in good hands.

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