Upgrading Insulation

In almost every sector, energy efficiency is a top priority for product designers, and construction is no different. Thermal insulation is an increasingly important aspect of a building’s energy performance, with its roof being one of the largest thermal elements. Meeting the latest standards is often required for larger roofing renovation projects, and for responsible property owners, should be a consideration for all roof refurbishments, whatever the size.

Guidance regarding the scope of insulation upgrades are laid out in Approved Document L1B of the Building Regulations, but we recommend that wherever practical, the design of the refurbished or replacement roof should meet or exceed the U-value targets specified. In most cases, stripping some or all of the existing insulation is necessary to carry out a roof refurbishment, and it’s generally straightforward to incorporate an additional insulation layer as part of the rebuild.

Given that adding extra insulation can be used to address design deficiencies in the original roof – for example, using tapered insulation sheet to create suitable drainage falls – or to create a warm-deck structure in place of an outdated cold-deck roof, payback for the relatively modest additional expense is often achieved in a much shorter time than the property owner might expect.

Throw in the increased property value and the reduced maintenance costs that go with it, the lower energy bills are only part of the equation –  it a win-win outcome for owners and occupants alike.

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