The benefits of green roofs

Did you know that by installing a green roof, you can increase the value of your property? Not only that – green roofs can also make a positive impact socially, economically and environmentally.

First, let’s take a look at the benefits a green roof can bring you, or the homeowner. They can help you secure that all-important planning permission; planning officers often specify the installation of green roofs as a condition, whether that’s to make sure a development blends with a landscape aesthetically or to meet certain local initiatives. Green roofs can earn you credits with the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, or BREEAM, too.

Another big advantage of fitting a green roof is noise reduction. Green roofs absorb sound, both generally from the outdoors and across the roof’s surface, making it quieter inside the building. Plus, they can help with flooding, using rainwater instead of allowing it to run off. The water that does run off will be filtered, as the roof captures the pollutants within, improving water quality.

Now, about those advantages for others. Green roofs are undeniably wonderful for the local environment. They offer rare undisturbed habitat for wildlife, they lower the stress on our sewers by minimising run-off, they reduce temperature extremes in urban areas by absorbing heat, and they improve the quality of the air and water for us all. What’s more, they’re beautiful to look at!

So, even in a built-up modern city, you can still enjoy your little slice of greenery and all that brings… for yourself, for your neighbours and for our planet.

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