Balconies & Roof Terraces

For many homeowners, outdoor leisure space is at a premium, particularly in urban areas where land prices are generally staggeringly high and the temptation to build on every available square meter is difficult to resist. Fortunately, there’s often an untapped resource which can be exploited to give additional outdoor floorspace, often with an exceptional view – the humble flat roof.

Converting an accessible, but unused, flat roof into a roof terrace, a roof-top garden or an extended balcony is not only cost effective, it provides a premium feature, often with a high degree of privacy, in what can otherwise be a dreary environment. The design options are plentiful; timber decking, composite or stone paving, landscaping and water features are all popular. As a side benefit, opting for a glazed roof-access point can serve a dual purpose as it invariably provides increased light levels inside the property.

A single-ply membrane is a popular choice for constructing the underlying roof structure, over which the terrace or balcony will be installed. Georgian Roofing installs decking, paving or landscaping directly onto a robust, weather-resistant and hard-wearing single-ply flat roof, giving property owners and developers the best of all worlds – an affordable, low-maintenance flat roof with a guarantee together with a stylish new outdoor leisure space with a view to match.

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