Green roof maintenance

Whether you already have a green roof and are looking for maintenance services, or you’re thinking about installing a green roof and want to know what maintenance it’ll need, you’re in the right place.

As with all roofs, and also like your garden, green roofs do need maintaining. How much depends on your desired outcome, your own roof’s unique issues and any restrictions placed upon you commercially – all new commercial buildings must have a roof and gutter check twice a year.

When we talk about a green roof’s issues, we generally mean things like waterlogging, often due to poor outlet placement; burning, usually because of a lack of irrigation; and general damage caused by installation by other trades.

If you choose us to install your green roof, these are issues you can worry about less, as we are experts in our craft and will make sure that outlets are placed in the optimum position and that irrigation is considered. However, some maintenance may still be required, and we’d be happy to help if your roof was installed by another company without this level of attention to detail.

It’s also to be expected that green roofs may grow weeds, drainage outlets may become covered with vegetation, and plants may either overgrow or die. For this reason, we recommend biannual visits to sedum roofs and annual or biannual visits to biodiverse and wildflower roofs for general fertilisation, clearing and pruning.

The good news is that the greenery used on roofs is generally very hardy, and will bounce back to life quickly and beautifully with the right care. Together, let’s ascertain what that care is, and put a plan in place today.

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